F R E E   V R M L   V i e w e r







OpenVRML is a free cross-platform runtime for VRML available under the GNU Lesser General Public License: www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html

Orbisnap in its initial version had been heavily inspired by OpenVRML 0.10. We have largerly modified original OpenVRML 0.10 library. The changes include:
  • Made library compilable on all available Orbisnap platforms
  • New VRML97 parser
  • Added text rendering
  • Corrected lighting model
  • Corrected event model
  • Corrected scripting
  • Corrected rendering of Extrusion, IndexedFaceSet, LOD, Background, ..
  • Corrected behavior of sensors
  • Changed clipping planes computing
  • Many other fixes and additions
In accordance to the OpenVRML LGPL license, you can download here the following material: openvrml_orbisnap_07.zip - current version of the source code of the modified OpenVRML library. By downloading the OpenVRML source code, you agree to the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please note that in order to build the library from this source code, you will need also wxWidgets and Mozilla JavaScript.